New Life Church of God

of Pittsburgh

address goes on these lines

pittsburgh, pa 15122

sunday mornings

service time(s) here

What to Expect


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Our Mission


The New Life Church of God is a loving community of people, who are passionate about unity, holiness, and serving our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. We strive to honor the Lord by helping people to:


Know God Personally

Follow Jesus Christ Wholeheartedly

Serve The Lord Consistently


In God the Father, Jesus Christ, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit, ready to do all that God says


Leaning upon God for everything in life, and obedience to the Bible and the Holy Spirit


Leaning upon God for everything in life, and obedience to the Bible and the Holy Spirit

Building Up of the Church

Allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to build up His church as He promised in His holy Word

Love & Support

A non-judgmental church, where the love of God is evident through the lives of God’s people

Trust & Submission

Trust in God, and submission to His Word and the leaders He places over the congregation

Giving & Serving

Offering to God the gifts He has allowed us to be stewards of: our treasure, time, and talents

Unity & Community

Demonstrating the unity we have through the Holy Spirit, lived out in Christian community

Mission Statement


Bringing new life to all walks of life. We believe that God will enlarge our borders to reach people from every aspect of society, every race, color, or background. We intend to reach into the communities of the area, the prisons, the schools and universities, the business world, the street gangs, the broken and dysfunctional homes, and wherever else God will direct and empower us. We see no one as beyond the grace and mercy of God. We want our church to look like the Antioch Church in the book of Acts, where the leadership and membership was completely diverse. This is a true picture of the Kingdom of God, men and women from every corner of the world and walk of life.


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